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    For selling or renting, for realtors or for sale by owner, VisitTheWeb.com is designed to make creating a professional looking website for your property fast and easy.

  • Property website Features

    • Short website URL or forward your own domain

    • Mobile & tablet friendly

    • No advertisement on your website

    • Easy linking to Zillow and Trulia

    • Track number of views

    • Unlimited photos with drag & drop uploading and ordering

    • Optional photo title and description

    • Unlimited YouTube videos

  • Create your own property website in 3 quick & easy steps

    1. Create an Account

    2. List your property by filling out a description form

    3. Add your photos and youtube videos

    The rest is done for you. Your property will be assigned a listing # and a short URL to your website which will be VisitTheWeb.com/your listing #.
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Create a professional looking website for your property in minutes.

Why use VisitTheWeb.com?

With minimal effort, VisitTheWeb will help you construct a professional, custom looking website with a short URL (VisitTheWeb.com/listing #) that you can easily post on your for sale sign, advertisement, social media, etc. VisitTheWeb is not meant to compete with Zillow or Trulia, but is meant to enhance their use. You can include links to Zillow and Trulia on your property website and you can have Zillow and Trulia link back to your VisitTheWeb website.

Free for 3 months.

No limitations and no credit card required. If your property has not sold within 3 months and you wish to keep using your property website, pay just $10 for 1 year.

Get Started

Create an account.

Enter property information.

Upload photos.

Enter Youtube IDs.

Property Website Features

  • Short property website URL (VisitTheWeb.com/listing #)
  • Easily forward your own domain name to your property website
  • Display your own domain name in your property website's heading
  • Completely responsive, i.e. mobile and tablet friendly
  • SEO friendly
  • List and manage multiple properties under one account
  • Listing types include For Sale, For Rent, and Lease w/Option to Buy
  • Easily update your listing status to Under Contract, Sold, or Off Market
  • Properties may be listed by owner or by agent
  • Easily link to your Zillow and Trulia property listings
  • A Google map is displayed on every property website
  • Add your own custom links to your property website
  • Drag, drop and download an unlimited number of photos for your photo gallery
  • Drag and organize your photos in the order you want them displayed
  • Add an optional title and description to your photos
  • Include an unlimited number of Youtube videos
  • Track the number of views to your property website

How to Create your Property Website

1. Creating an Account

You will first have to create an account. From the navigation bar click New Account or click the Get Started button below. Creating an account only requires your email, a password and your contact information. Your contact information will also be exported to your property listing website for your convenience, but can be modified while filling out your property website information. Other than on your property listing, we will never share your contact information.

Once you click Continue on the New Account page, you will automatically be logged in and taken to the Create a Property Website page.

2. Entering your Property Information

You can include as much or as little information as you want about your property and you will be able to come back and edit it as often as you want. Field titles that don't have data entered will not be displayed. Remember to point out any special features of your house or the surrounding area. Tell the buyers why they would want to buy your house.

When you are done with the listing information and click Continue and you will be take to the page to enter in links related to your property. This is where you can enter your Zillow and Trulia URL. If you have not listed on Zillow, I would recommend that you post a free listing on Zillow and link back to your VisitTheWeb website.

Once you click Continue from the Property Website Links page, you will be taken to the Upload Your Photos page.

3. Uploading and Organizing Photos

You can upload as many photos as you want. They must be a file type of either gif, jpg, or png and must not be bigger than 8 MB. You may either drag and drop the photos or browse and click to select the photos to upload. When you are done adding pictures, click Continue and you will be taken to the Manage Your Photos page where you can add a title and description to each photo or you can delete a photo. Your photos can also be arranged in the order you want them displayed just by dragging them. At any time you can come back to add, delete, and manage your photos.

Once you are done with your photos and click Continue, you will be taken to the Manage Videos page.

4. Managing Videos

If you want to include videos on your website, you must first upload your videos to YouTube. Once they are published on YouTube, you will need their YouTube video ID. To find the ID, go to your YouTube video page and look at the URL in the address bar. You will see a combination of numbers and letters after an equal sign (=). This is your video ID.

On the Manage Videos page, all you need to do is enter a title for the video, two semicolons, and the YouTube video ID. You can include as many videos as you want and they may be in either format, widescreen or fullscreen. More thorough instructions/examples are on the Manage Videos page.

Once you are done with your videos and click Continue, you will be taken to the My Property overview page where you can preview your website or edit it. Once you are logged in, you can get to this page from the My Account dropdown menu in the navigation bar.